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Apex Launcher for Android

Apex Launcher

Download Apex Launcher for Android is one of the best launchers on the market today. Its various features and customization are what make it a favorite of many users. This application also has a default app drawer. You can easily customize it according to your preference. If you want, you can even integrate Apex Notifier with it.

Apex Launcher |Battery consumption

Apex Launcher for Android has been around for some time now and is very popular among users. It features a high-contrast color scheme that makes navigation easier and the content legible. It also puts your frequently used contacts, SOS buttons, speed dial contacts, and other important features in front of your screen, making them easy to reach. The UI can also be customized to your needs. This app works on any version of Android and offers a free trial version.

The app features several features designed to optimize battery life, including a quick setting tile that can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom. It also has an adaptive icon system and a universal search bar. It connects to your Microsoft account, which means it will provide you with personalized information. In addition, Apex Launcher for Android has dozens of customization features. It’s worth a try if you want an Android launcher to enhance your experience and make your phone more personal.

Apex Launcher

More about Apex Launcher

Another plus point is that Apex Launcher for Android is available in both a free and pro version. The free version offers a three-month subscription, while the pro version provides a lifetime subscription. The Pro version offers several additional features and customization options, such as the ability to change the drawer layout.

Another advantage of Apex Launcher for Android is that it gives users complete control over their display. It lets users organize their apps, hide those they no longer need, and manage their privacy. Moreover, this app is safe since it requires admin permissions. It also boasts of Google’s Play Protection verification, which ensures the security of the app.

Apex Launcher for Android

Apex Launcher for Android is an excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight, custom-designed Android launcher. It’s compatible with thousands of themes from the Play Store and has all the features you could need in an Android launcher. It supports up to nine customizable home screens, supports gesture controls, and features a “flower” app drawer system.

Apex Launcher for Android also offers the ability to hide applications, which can benefit some users. Another feature of Apex Launcher is its ability to reduce CPU usage. This application also works with tablets and phones. It has a scrollable dock at the bottom of the screen. You can add additional applications to the dock by using the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. Swiping through docked applications allows you to navigate them easily, saving time.

Integration with Apex Notifier

Apex Launcher has just received a major update, version 2.0, which brings with it many improvements and new features. In this version, you can expect to see folders in your app drawer, integration with Apex Notifier, notification badge support, and a revamped activity picker. Other notable changes include a new settings menu layout and improved vibration duration.

Apex Notifier is a notification provider that adds a notification label to Android Apps. This label will show if there are notifications in a specific app. Moreover, Apex Notifier now supports Android Wear devices. This extension also works in conjunction with DashClock and Android Wear devices.

In this extension, you can create a custom notification to be sent to a user when a record changes. This feature is available on desktops and mobile devices. In the example below, a user can define the notification message for when a related contact is delinked. A called method can be used to send the notification. Custom notifications are useful for sending notifications to internal users.

Apex Launcher version 2022

Apex Launcher is an Android launcher app. It has been updated to version 2.0 and now comes with several new features, including integration with Apex Notifier. The app will display notifications on icon-style badges, and you can customize their appearance. It also supports the DashClock app.

Apex Launcher 2.0 also brings many new features to the Android platform, including improved notification handling and a redesigned settings menu. The update adds support for folders in the app drawer, new notification badges, and more. This update also includes a number of bug fixes and translations. You can now install the latest version of Apex Launcher from Google Play.


While Apex Launcher for Android has a good history of being safe, some users are concerned about its data collection and security. While it has no reported incidents of security breaches or data collection abuse, it is important to read the app’s Privacy policy and other related documents before using it. Users have also reported significant bugs and a lack of backups and restore options.

If you’re unsure whether an application is safe, make sure it’s on the Play Store. Look for a developer’s contact information under the “Developer Contacts” section. If the developer is not listed, avoid installing the app. Also, make sure the app is not infected with malware.

Security features

Apex Launcher offers several security features if you’re worried about personal information on your phone. The app also lets you hide or secure special apps with passwords or PINs. In addition, you can lock your applications with a pattern or fingerprint. This makes them more difficult for others to access.

Apex Launcher is available in a free version for Android users. However, a Pro version costs $3.99. Despite its price, Apex Launcher is a safe app to download and install. It has no known security issues and is a worthy alternative to the default launcher on your device.

Theme engine

Another advantage of Apex Launcher for Android is its advanced theme engine. Its themes are very customizable and include transition effects. It also offers advanced gesture support and widgets to customize your experience. And its power-saving features are an added bonus. Users will also appreciate the ability to sort apps by install date and title.

While Apex isn’t the fastest launcher, it’s lightweight and doesn’t drain your battery much. It also has a several-second delay after starting, but this is more than offset by its additional features. It also has many customizable features, such as icon packs, 3D transitions, and grid sizes. Its UI can also be customized by choosing a custom color scheme.

Apex Launcher for Android is available in free and Pro versions. The Pro version includes many extra features, including drawer customization options.


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