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9 Foods to Increase the Benefits of Cannabis

Benefits of Cannabis

It is true that the more THC in your system, generally speaking means higher levels of euphoria and pain relief. However there are other factors to consider when consuming marijuana such as how it’s been prepared or what else might be present near you at time which can affect these effects too.

Consumers buying nearly-ideal strains may be missing out on the psychoactive effects of THC or other cannabinoids. Or heavy cannabis use has led to increased tolerance, and products that used to work perfectly no longer deliver desired effect. In some cases even requiring higher potency than what’s available through traditional sources like dispensaries. Visit Green Life Wellness Centers to know more about medical cannabis. 

What Makes THC More Potent?

THC absorption has been shown to increase when people consume foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, terpenes and cannabinoids like fish or plants that are high on the Marijuana Plant Family Tree.

How to Make THC More Effective by Adding the Right Foods and Drinks?

Whether you’re looking to get high or not, here are 5 healthy foods that may enhance your experience with cannabis. But before consuming them make sure of the potency and effects on each person because changing one’s routine can result in unwanted side-effects like too much THC.


Recent research has suggested that mangoes may help you get higher. Terpenes like myrcene, found in abundance within the fruit itself are thought to be responsible for this effect; they’re also what give pot plants their signature aroma.


Cannabis plants are known to have a variety of different terpenes which can alter their effects when combined with CBD. For example, beta-caryophyllene may decrease feelings such as anxiety and depression while alpha pinene is typically associated with increased mood swings.


Nuts and seeds contain a wealth of healthful nutrients that may be helpful for those suffering from depression. A study in 2014 found certain nut varieties to help ease symptoms associated with this mental illness, such as omega-3 fatty acids binding with cannabinoids helping enhance effects while passing through the blood brain barrier quickly.


Here are some great high-fat foods you can enjoy to get your mind and body into the perfect state of mind for getting high. Try out this list, which includes both healthy options like eggs as well as tasty treats such a chocolate cake or bacon strips.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are not just delicious, but they also have the power to make you happy. Not only do these starchy veggies contain more vitamin B6 than any other type of product which helps regulate emotions and promotes sleep production in our bodies with its ability for serotonin synthesis-they provide energy too.

Dark Chocolate

The perfect chocolate snack for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without having any actual marijuana in their systems.

A recent study has shown that there are indeed many health benefits associated with high cocoa content on its own. One significant component being anandamide, a neurotransmitter and endocannabinoid similar enough to THC that may explain why so many turn towards eating chocolates instead.

Green And Black Tea

Journaling has been known to help people suffering from mental pains, including cannabis side effects like anxiety and paranoia. Black tea is rich in the relaxing compound catechin that can ease these types of ailments while green teas do as well but also contain other vitamins necessary for digestive health.


The coffee beans are what make the drink, but it’s also been shown that drinking caffeine can boost dopamine levels. The brain has a lot of control over how we feel and perceive things so even though there’s no evidence showing brew affects cannabis directly. 

Hypotheses suggest this occurs through modulation on our endocannabinoid system which produces different cannabinoids including THC or CBD.


The key component of beer is hops, which are rich in myrcene and humulene. These components may help increase moods as well! Like cannabis though it can be intoxicating so please consume responsibly if planning on mixing pot with brew based around these ingredients.

What Is the Best Way to Enhance the Effects of Edibles?

The way you eat can change your high. The more time passes since breakfast and dinner, the less hungry we become and sometimes not even enough food will do. Some people report that eating edibles on an empty stomach often yields stronger reactions from marijuana consumption. 

Maybe it has something to do with metabolism or simply giving our bodies what they need for optimal functionality. Those who want a more rapid effect can consume tinctures, which have an impact because they go under the tongue. 

The effects usually take minutes instead of hours with infused beverages or edibles that pass through your digestive system as normal food would do so enjoy its benefits without having any psych activity.

Methods to Improve Your Experience with Cannabis

The high from THC can be enhanced by a variety of activities and foods. Some popular methods researched over time include:

A few drinks in your system may help, but there are many other ways to get that “blazed” feeling.

Take Advantage of Your “Runner’s High”

The natural high you get from eating chocolate is actually caused by anandamide, the same neurotransmitter that delivers runner’s nostrils. A study has found pre-storage THC in our bodies fat cells and when we exercise it releases these cannabinoids giving us feelings of blissful relaxation or calmness depending on how much was stored before starting out. You can also read this detailed article about foods that enhance the MMJ effect

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