5 Facts About Gold Chains That You Need to Know

There are many reasons why you might want to buy a gold chain. There are some people that believe they can improve blood circulation, while others think that this is a material that can regulate body temperature. Then, there is the fact that gold chains look beautiful and can create an image of wealth. No matter what reason you have for wanting a gold chain, you need to shop carefully to find the right one. Here are five facts about gold chains you need to know.

There are Different Karat Numbers

Perhaps you have been shopping for gold chains recently and noticed a number that appears next to the description. For example, this can be 9K or 22K. But you might not be aware of what it means. Well, this is the karat number, and it indicates how much gold has actually been used in the chain. It is definitely something that you want to pay attention to when you are trying to buy a chain.

Namely, a lot of people agree that 22-karat gold chains are a good option. They are going to be made from 91.67 per cent gold, which creates durability as well as beauty. It is not going to scratch as easily as pure gold, which means you can wear it every day. You can find light-weighted chains that are made from 22-karat gold at Queen of Hearts. There are some beauty styles that will be subtle or bold, depending on what you want to wear.

The Only True Yellow Metal

Do you love the yellow color of real gold? Well, this is something that is actually unique to this precious metal. Despite the other materials that are available when it comes to chains, this is the only one to be yellow naturally or gold in appearance. If there are other materials that are yellow, this is due to using chemicals, or it is due to oxidation.

In particular, you should realize that the karat number can play a part in how gold appears. For example, the higher the number, the more yellow it can appear. So, if you want gold that is very yellow, you will want to choose a high karat number.

They Can Symbolize Power

Do you want to feel more confident and powerful in your everyday life? Whether you struggle with self-confidence or you just want people to take you seriously at work, there are things you can do to send the right messages to people around you. One of them is by accessorizing with the right jewelry.

For example, gold is a material that is often associated with wealth. As a result, it is also used to symbolize power and beauty. This means that when you are wearing a gold chain, this is something that you can embody. You can feel good when you are wearing gold and this can be enough to transform how you appear to others.

They Do Not Tarnish

One of the best reasons to choose gold for a chain is because they do not tarnish. This is the case when they are made from pure or almost pure gold. Therefore, we are talking about having a high karat number. The material will not tarnish, which means that it can last for many years and still look as new as when you first bought it.

Unfortunately, tarnishing can happen if you buy gold-plated jewelry. So, you have to ensure that the chain is a high karat number of gold. What’s more, you want to look after your chain, avoiding moisture, as well as taking it off for showers. This is going to ensure that it does not dull or get damaged in any way.

Potential Health Benefits

There are many people that believe gold offers main health benefits. Indeed, you might be able to realize them for yourself when you buy a chain. This is due to being a natural material, which people believe gives it a lot of power. For example, there are many that believe gold has healing qualities. This is due to its warmth and possessing good energy. Indeed, this can help to soothe the body and might also help you to relax.

What’s more, there are many people that think gold can help you to regulate your body temperature. This might help with things like hot flashes. You would have to wear a gold chain and see if you realize these health benefit claims for yourself.

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