5 cărți thriller bune pentru toamna

cărți thriller

Pentru toamna nu numai că te poți relaxa, dar și ai putea trece un weekend plin de cărți  thriller. Astfel, pentru a te bucura de lecturile placute, ne-am propus să vedem câteva cărți în care personajele se luptă cu situații extrem de periculoase.

De ce începem să citim thriller-urile în toamna?

Pentru că ele reuşesc să ne trezească din somn şi sunt pline de suspans.

Aşa că, de ce nu?

Începem însă cu cele mai cunoscute şi cele mai bune, cum ar fi “Secretele lui Thomas Crown” şi “Omorul din Beverly Hills”.

Şi, pentru că toamnă este şi o perioadă delicată, ele ne vor da senzaţia că totul este mai frumos şi mai sigur.

Şi, în sfârşit, nu vom mai vrea decât să ne odihnim.

Şi, atunci, vom citi thriller-uri toamna.

Cum se împart thriller-urile și cum se le citesc?

How do thriller-books and movies are divided and how are they read?

Traditionally, thriller-books are divided into two main categories: crime thrillers and horror thrillers. Crime thrillers are usually written by authors who specializes in the criminal underworld, and often focus on the intricate details of investigations and thrilling courtroom scenes. Horror thrillers, on the other hand, tend to be written by authors who specialize in the paranormal or the supernatural, and often focus on suspenseful scenes with characters that are being chased by evil entities.

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Cărțile care ne vor face să ne simțim copleșiți

There are so many books that will make us feel overwhelmed.

Cărțile care ne vor face să ne simțim copleșiți

There are so many books that will make us feel overwhelmed.

Cărți thriller bune pentru toamna

This fall, enjoy some great thrillers to keep you entertained. Whether reading for entertainment or to learn more about the world around you, these books will leave you on the edge of your seat.

TheGirl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

In this crime thriller, Lisbeth Salander is up for a new challenge: to find and bring down her old employer, the rich and powerful Henrik Vanger. She quickly finds herself in over her head—and not just because of the dangerous people she’s up against. As Lisbeth starts piecing together the web of secrets and lies around Vanger, she begins to realize that there may be something even more sinister at work.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Rachel takes the train every day, but today is different. Today, she sees something shocking—a woman being raped in broad daylight. Horrified and adrenaline-charged, Rachel starts to follow the perpetrator. Her hunt leads her through London’s streets, into the lives of those she knows—and potentially closer to disaster than she could have imagined.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Left alone for the weekend after her husband goes on a business trip, Amy Dunne quickly realizes that something is wrong. Her husband’s cell phone is missing and all his other belongings are in their usual place—except for one key piece of evidence: his

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